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Office 365 is built for your business. It's the Office you know, plus tools to help you work better together, so you can get more done – any time, anywhere. Nobody knows more about how to maximise your Microsoft investment than the ComputerWorld team.


ComputerWorld's Barry Coombs explores some of the key elements to consider from a business perspective when moving to Office 365.

ComputerWorld has been focusing on delivering Microsoft solutions and training for over 25 years.

With the advent of the cloud and Microsoft Office 365 we are now seeing a large number of our customers choose to move their mail from on-premise to Office 365. However, this is just the start of the journey. The real power in Office 365 comes when you are able to adopt other key applications and technologies that help your business and users work and collaborate more efficiently, on any device, anywhere, any time.  

ComputerWorld can work with your business to ensure you are able to migrate to Office 365 seamlessly, with a clearly defined migration plan, considering not just your email but other critical elements that can deliver employee and business flexibility whilst maintaining data security.  


Email services are amongst the most critical resources for any business, so moving your email to 365 needs to be carefully considered and planned to ensure no loss of service or loss of data for the users of your business. However moving you email to the cloud is only the beginning of your migration to Office 365. 


The specialist team at ComputerWorld will work closely with your business to understand your unique requirements and will design a migration plan to meet your needs. Our migration plan not only includes how we will move your email into the cloud but which Office 365 package is right for your users, which of the applications in 365 may assist your business and, critically, how to protect your data once in the cloud. ComputerWorld use the latest automation tools to assist with the migration process to ensure a cost effective but controlled and well planned migration to Office 365. 

To release the full potential of Office 365 in your business it is important that your users understand how to make the most of the new features and functionality available to them. To help you achieve this ComputerWorld are able to offer a variety of training options designed to fit around your users, these include company seminars, classroom learning, floor walks and e-learning. The right blend of these solutions for your business will unlock the full potential of Office 365 for your business and enable your users to work more efficiently and collaboratively. 


ComputerWorld's Barry Coombs discusses the challenges of protecting your data in the cloud and the solutions available.

When moving any business-critical system into the cloud, the responsibility for the strategy surrounding protection and recovery of your data still sits firmly with the IT Manager or business and not the cloud provider.

We also need to consider how we are going to be protecting our data when in today's world it is being readily accessed from multiple devices, in multiple locations and often with business collaboration by multiple people. 

With most Office 365 packages little to no facility for data backup is included. Even in the packages where data protection is included, it is usually only for a very limited time and requires a complex set of procedures in order to recover granular levels of data. That's why we developed CW Cloud Backup...

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CW Cloud Backup is powered by industry-trusted technology, delivering you granular levels of recovery for your most critical data within Office 365. CW Cloud Backup 365 works seamlessly in the cloud providing 4 backups a day direct from your Office 365 deployment to Microsoft Azure cloud storage. You are able to customise how much data you wish to retain, with most customers choosing to retain 7 years' worth of backups for their data – giving ultimate security and flexibility for restorations.

You are able to quickly and easily recover granular levels of data with one click, including Mail, Sharepoint files, and One Drive for Business data. 

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Microsoft EMS is the ideal partner to your Office 365 deployment delivering IT control and user simplification

Protecting your data in a cloud-centric world – with your employees using many devices in many locations and collaborating with others – involves much more than backup alone. This is where the Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) comes into its own. Designed to be the perfect companion to your Office 365 deployment, EMS includes a number of key applications designed to protect your files and devices, offers single sign on to cloud-based application, delivers enhanced security with multi-form factor authentication and much more.

ComputerWorld can help you analyse your business requirements, select which products within EMS will help meet your needs and help you implement the technology for your business.  


Microsoft's cloud technology goes far beyond Microsoft Office 365 with Microsoft Azure being the goto cloud platform for your enterprise. ComputerWorld can work with you to help you understand where Microsoft Azure can help your business. Today ComputerWorld are seeing a large amount of demand for Microsoft Azure to help customers provide burst capacity, disaster recovery, test and dev and cloud native applications. By fully understanding the possibilities of Microsoft Azure the sky is the limit in terms of the business flexibility and scale allowing you to make use of the same platform that some of the largest companies in the world use to power their cloud applications.