ComputerWorld's Barry Coombs discusses the challenges of protecting your data in the cloud and the solutions available.

Many people do not realise that when moving any system into the cloud, the responsibility for the protection and recovery of your data still sits firmly with the IT Manager or business. Not with the cloud provider.

You need to consider how you are going to protect your data when, in today's world, it can be readily accessed from multiple devices, in multiple locations, and often with business collaboration by multiple people. 

With most Office 365 packages, little to no facility for data backup is included as standard. Even in the packages where data protection is included, it is usually only for a very limited time and requires a complex set of procedures in order to recover granular levels of data. 

Our cloud backup solutions will deliver you granular levels of recovery for your most critical data within Office 365. Working seamlessly in the cloud providing multiple backups a day direct from your Office 365 deployment to a dedicated cloud storage. You are able to customise how much data you wish to retain, with most customers choosing to retain 7 years' worth of backups for their data – giving ultimate security and flexibility for restorations.

You are able to quickly and easily recover granular levels of data with one click, including Mail, Sharepoint files, and OneDrive for Business data.

Microsoft EMS is the ideal partner to an Office 365 deployment, allowing you to secure your data in the cloud

Protecting your data in a cloud-centric world – with your employees using many devices in many locations and collaborating with others – involves much more than backup alone. This is where the Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) comes into its own. Designed to be the perfect companion to your Office 365 deployment, EMS includes a number of key applications designed to protect your files and devices. It also offers single sign-on to cloud-based applications, delivers enhanced security with multi-form factor authentication, and much more.

ComputerWorld can help you analyse your business requirements, select which products within EMS will help meet your needs, and help you implement the technology for your business.