Why your business needs Office 365

Office 365 is built for your business. It’s the Office that you know, plus the tools you need to work better together and get more done, and no one knows more about how you can maximise your Microsoft investment than the ComputerWorld team.

Office 365 is a subscription-based service that includes the Office Suite, and much more. For desktop, mobile and tablet it contains all the powerful tools you need to modernise the way your business operates, while automatic updates will keep you up to date with all the most recent features.

Office 365 uses a mobile-first, cloud-first approach to give your business unparalleled flexibility to get work done — any time, anywhere and on any device.

Boost productivity

Office 365 will make your business more productive for only a small monthly investment, making it more cost efficient than current models.

Office 365 brings web-delivered flexibility and accessibility to Office applications, allowing users to work across multiple devices wherever they are.

End user mobility is one of this year’s hottest topics, and is the best way to keep your employees one step ahead of the competition. Plus, there’s no need to worry about reliability — Microsoft offers a financially-backed 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Collaborate, anywhere!

The advanced communication and collaboration tools offered by Office 365 offer an array of new ways to optimise team-working. Equipped with mobile solutions and remote access to their work files, employees can work on shared projects with colleagues based in other locations, anywhere around the globe, securely and efficiently.

Save money

A monthly model allows for predictable costing, each and every month. With the ever-changing role of the IT leadership team, moving parts of the business to the cloud gives a host of cost benefits and methods to minimise risk.

Moving servers off premises can eliminate a significant proportion of your capital outlay as well as recurring maintenance costs. This will also allow your senior team to focus on driving projects that enhance business, increasing both turnover and productivity.

Why ComputerWorld?

No team has more experience in aiding businesses with their first steps into the cloud than ComputerWorld. We’ve been offering Microsoft solutions since day one and were one of the very first adopters of Office 365 and cloud technologies.

Having attained Microsoft Gold partnership level our Microsoft cloud specialists and engineers possess an unrivalled amount of experience.

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