Why 2017 should be the year your business embraces home working

Enabling home working with the right IT tools helps employers and employees

Not only do employees in the UK have the right to request flexible working from their employer, but many surveys show that enabling your staff to work from home actually improves productivity, staff happiness and retention.

Allowing staff to work from home is one thing, enabling them to get the most from their time is something different. Companies need to look at their IT systems so that home-based workers can get as much done, if not more, than those in the office.  

A full suite of tools, such as Office 365, along with the right training in how to get the most out of it, provides this with the ability to work collaboratively and remotely and more on PCs, smartphones and tablets. 

A small monthly investment gives you full access to Office 365. Backed up the expert support with ComputerWorld, it can make a big difference to your company's productivity. 

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