How to update documents in Microsoft Teams

Recently I have been doing lots of work on Microsoft Teams and I am finding new functionality and features everyday. Therefore, I am going to try and do some bitesize blogs summarising each feature and benefit.

The first of the series is about uploading new versions of documents (not Office 365 documents like Word) such as a PDF within the files tab of a Team.


It sounds simple, you just delete current version and upload the new one, but one of the best features of Teams (in my opinion) is the conversation function against files. You can make comments and record videos about the document, and by just deleting and re-uploading he new version will mean you lose the chat history.

So lets get to it…

Once you have your first version of the document on the Files tab of teams and you want to replace this with the latest version, click on ‘Open in SharePoint’.


When you are in SharePoint, upload the document (with the same name as before).


You will then be alerted that a file with this name already exists and whether you would like to replace it or not. Click ‘Replace’ and let the new version upload.


Head back to your Teams application, refresh the files tab, click on your document and the new version should be uploaded (still with the chat history beside it).


After you have updated this, click on the elipsis (within SharePoint), then Version History and you will be able to go back and see the version history of the document.


It is a simple but incredibly useful element within Teams and when working with a number of people on a document, the fact you can keep the conversation open alongside the document is very useful.

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