Four reasons why you should incorporate E-Learning into your organisation today

To understand why you should choose E-Learning, I’ll start with what it really is…

E-Learning is an alternative to classroom-based learning. Or it can be combined with classroom learning, but I’ll tell you about that later. It is purely online as opposed to leaving the office or home. It can be done wherever you are, which is great for very busy people. Or just someone who prefers that style of learning.

Personally, that is me. I prefer to pick up a book (virtually speaking) and put it down whenever it suits me. E-Learning isn’t just books though. It can be online courses, videos, games and even virtual environments.

E-Learning has actually been around since the late 1900s but didn’t really take off straight away. I guess people were a bit wary of change. Now, we seek out change, we want the newest and quickest technology, so this is right up our street!

What can E-Learning be used for?

I’ve been using E-Learning as my preferred method of learning for around seven or eight years now, and I love it! I’ve used it for technology training, such as Microsoft Office, through to emotional intelligence. It’s great as it can help you set yourself goals to complete a certain subject in a set timeframe, or just do it when you can.

I find there is always something in my working day where I need a quick tutorial or tip on a subject and I can just jump in and find it. This is called more of a ‘job aid’ as it is an on the job tool.

Now I bet you are thinking, “How on earth do I complete a full course at my desk without interruptions?”. That’s a good question! You can choose how you do this, but I would say you have two options. The first being just do five or ten minutes at a time. And second, simply schedule the time in away from your desk, as if you were attending a classroom course.

The benefits of E-Learning

There are many advantages of E-Learning. If you are a manager thinking of implementing this or an end-user, here are four of the reasons why I believe it is worthwhile!

1.      High knowledge retention

As there are so many ways of learning on an E-Learning platform, you can choose the method which suits you. If you are enjoying it, you are more likely to remember what you’ve learned. Or if you are a little forgetful like me, you can choose to watch, listen and read on the same subject to ensure you really take it in.

From a company point of view, trying a blended approach can really help with retention as well. So, this would be attending a classroom course and using the E-Learning as follow-up material

2.      Cost effectiveness

E-Learning licences can be much more cost effective than a classroom. Especially if travel costs are added on. Although a classroom approach might be best for certain people, so don’t rule it out!

3.      Flexibility

E-Learning is self-paced as mentioned above,but can be used on the go. Imagine you are on the train heading to a meeting and would like to brush up on your presentation skills. You can use your phone or tablet and get the information you need wherever you are, at whatever time of day.

4.      Visible results

As your activity is all online, it is easy to report back to management (or just something to add to your ‘brag file’ on what you have completed). You can also follow certification routes to help with your career progression.

From a management point of view, you can access detailed analytics through an integrated learning management system. This can show you information like time spent, popular courses and course completions for example.

Proof that E-Learning works

So now you know several reasons why you should adopt E-Learning, lets show you some proof that E-Learning works and could work for you.

E-Learning is directly connected to higher productivity by 2,500 companies. This was shown in a recent survey of 2,500 companies by the American Society for Training and Development. It said that companies with a “Comprehensive Training Program” have 218% higher revenue per employee and are 24% higher in profit margins.

According to the Journal of Applied Psychology, 94% of learners prefer microlearning as they can juggle the demands of their job a lot more effectively.

Software Advise reported that microlearning creates 50% more engagement.

Now if that wasn’t enough to sway you, ILX Group ran a survey with 100 HR decision makers and their results showed that 51% said ongoing E-Learning and training had a direct effect on improvements in employee morale.

Find out more about E-Learning

I hope this post was helpful for you. Maybe it gave you an insight on what E-Learning can do and if it is suitable for you or your business.

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