Taking your first steps to migrate a key business application to the cloud can be a daunting step. As such, ComputerWorld have a proven methodology that will help you every step of the way. We will look at some of the key elements below.


We recommend starting any migration with analysing the application or applications you are considering to migrate. This should include, fully understanding how your employees use the application, what data is stored within the application, how it is currently backed up and secured amongst other key areas. You should also consider what are both the employee and business benefits that you want to gain by moving this application to the cloud. 


When undertaking a migration of any type you will want to ensure that you full plan your migration from A to B. This should give consideration to areas such as, what downtime is available for your migration, what training is required for both the administrators and users as well as what testing you will need to undertake to ensure your migration has been successful. 

Office 365 Migration

Migrating to Office 365 is by far the most common migration that we are seeing users undertaking today. Office 365 has become the first trusted cloud location for many businesses. However for most an Office 365 migration simply means moving your emails from on premises into the cloud. Realistically this is only scratching the surface of the benefits Office 365 can bring to your business and will bring very little benefit to your users. ComputerWorld recommend looking at the applications available to you in Office 365 and understanding which of these applications could offer a true business benefit. The most common applications that ComputerWorld are seeing it's customer adopting alongside email are Sharepoint, Skype for Business, OneDrive, Yammer and OneNote. 

When ComputerWorld undertake a migration we consider all of these elements alongside what package is right for your business and what other elements like how to protect your data once in the cloud. ComputerWorld use the latest automation tools to assist with the migration process, ensuring a cost effective, controlled and well planned migration to Office 365. 

ComputerWorld's Operations Director presented at recent event of ours about the ComputerWorld method to make a migration to Office 365 seamless and painless for both the business and the users.

Other Cloud Migrations

Office 365 is just the start of your cloud journey, ComputerWorld are able to help with your migration for a number of other key business requirements, these include Infrastructure as a Service or Platform as a Service with Microsoft Azure. These platforms have a large variety of use cases to help you grow you business and to release the burden of a hardware driven infrastructure. 

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