Choosing the right Office 365 licensing for your business can often be complex with a vast amount of packages to choose from depending on your unique user and business needs. It is also important that you look beyond the core Microsoft Office 365 licensing alone and consider what other elements you may need to consider to make your Office 365 deployment a success. 

ComputerWorld have specialised in Microsoft licensing for over 20 years and our specialists can help you choose the perfect bespoke package to meet your needs at the best price available. Most importantly with our years of training and solutions implementation experience we will help you drive adoption of Office 365 across your business. 

We have selected three of the most common Microsoft Office 365 packages below based on some of our customer scenario's. 

Business premium graphic.PNG

Office 365 Business Premium

For businesses with 300 users or less, who are looking for the best way to license both Office applications on their PCs, as well as have access to core Office 365 functionality, such as Email and Sharepoint, the Office 365 Business Premium plan will be the most fully featured an affordable package for you. 

  • Email with 50GB inbox
  • 1TB of file storage
  • HD video conferencing
  • Fully installed Windows apps

From £9.40 user / month

E3 graphic.png

Office 365 Enterprise E3

For businesses that are over 300 users, but still want the benefits of the business premium plan mentioned within the E3 plan will meet your needs. You will also have the additional benefits of being able to access equivalent on-premise server workloads (Exchange server, SharePoint server, Skype for Business server) ideal for your migration strategy as well as Office Video, archiving and much more. 

From £17.60 user / month

E5 graphic.png

Office 365 Enterprise E5

If your business is looking to build on the functionality offered by the E3 business plan and would benefit from enhanced calling and conferencing functionality, alongside advanced threat protection and business analytics, then the E5 plan is the right plan for you. 

From £30.80 user / month

What else is there to consider?

The cost of an Office 365 deployment will very rarely end with just the Office 365 licensing alone, other considerations such as backup, training and migration should be considered. There are also a number of complementary products that may help you increase functionality or adoption of Office 365. Some key elements to consider below. 

Office 365 Backup

It is important with any cloud migration to consider how you are going to protect your data whilst in the cloud. Elements to consider would be how do you plan to recover data in following scenarios

  • If a user deletes something permanently
  • If a user deletes a SharePoint/OneDrive document
  • If an admin deletes a mailbox by mistake
  • If a users deletes an entire calendar
  • If someone in your company goes rogue does any of the above or more

The good news is there are a wide variety of solutions to help you overcome these challenges with ease. 

Prices typically start at £3.00 per user per month

Office 365 Training

The number one key to success when driving adoption of Office 365 is end user training and enablement. Your goal is to ensure that the user naturally wants to use Office 365 applications to complete their task and don't choose to turn to unsupported, unsecured alternatives. Training can be delivered in a number of different ways including e-learning and instructor led training but should also be combined with identified champions across the business who can help drive adoption and champion the technology.

Prices for Office 365 will vary depending on the specific needs of your users, however prices for e-learning will start as low as £20 per person and instructor led training as low as £85 per person. 

Typically we see businesses budgeting around £60 for e-learning per user and £200 per user for instructor led training

Migrating to Office 365

The cost of migrating to Office 365 is often overlooked in the overall budget for implementation. Most businesses will do a staged migration starting with email before looking to adopt other services. Consideration should also be made to what other elements may need to be migrated, such as SharePoint and file services for example, home drives. It is very hard to predict migration costs for Office 365 as each migration will be dependent on a number of aspects including the version of Exchange and Outlook that is currently utilised as well as if there is any advanced configuration required.

An email migration will start at approx £2,500 for a small business, increasing to upwards and beyond £7,500 for a larger business. By working alongside your IT team we are often able to help save you money on your migration.