Office 365 offers you the possibility to revolutionise the way your users work, allowing business mobility and enhanced security. However, without user education, any project to migrate to Office 365 will ultimately fall short. This is because users will continue to favour other non-supported cloud solutions and not embrace the full potential of mobile working.

ComputerWorld specialises in delivering IT training and we've been doing it successfully for over 25 years. 

Our Training Services


The ComputerWorld eLearning resources for Office 365 offer your users and IT administrators the ideal way to learn about how to manage and get the most out of Office 365 and its related applications. We offer a large collection of video-based learning, mixed with handy cheat sheets, how-to guides and quizzes to test your skills. Users have the option to follow the course syllabus step-by-step, or jump to the sections that matter to them quickly and easily. 


Whilst eLearning is now commonly accepted to be a standard way of educating users en-masse, nothing beats an instructor-led training session. Such a one-to-one approach can help users old and new to gain a much better understanding of the applications they are working with every day. ComputerWorld specialises in instructor-led Microsoft Office 365 training, with courses aimed at all levels of user, whether you consider yourself a beginner or an expert.


Whilst off-the-shelf training options are likely to meet most of a company's training requirements, there are times when you need something a little bit different. Something directly relevant to the way you work. With our in house expertise, we are able to tailor Office 365 training to your individual needs, including custom Sharepoint training to meet your unique usage scenarios or floor walking to help users whilst you are rolling out Office 365. 

Top Tips for using Office 365 Video

Many organisations undertake the task of migrating to Office 365 by using email in the cloud. Unfrotunatley this tends to be where the migration stops and businesses dont make the most out of the other apps within the suite.

At a recent ComputerWorld event, one of the ComputerWorld Trainers, Terrance Rabe, talked about Office 365, the applications and how your business can utilise the apps. Terrance also discusses how to educate your users on which apps are fit for the type of job you are trying to carry out within your role.  

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